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“Images Tell the World – Splendid Chinese Culture”, a World Tour Photography exhibition, is themed on the World Heritage Sites of China and is being hosted at the Magazzino Vaults, at the Valletta Waterfront. The exhibition will be open from the 14th till the 24th of October, from Monday to Saturday from 19:00 CEST till 22:00 CEST and Sunday from 10:00 CEST till 22:00 CEST. Entrance is free.

World Heritage Sites are signposts marking the path of human development and culture, precious records of the history of the Earth and common wealth shared by all human beings. Until July 2009, 890 World Heritage Sites from all over the world have been recognized by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. China owns no fewer than 38 of these World Heritage Sites, ranking it third on the World Heritage List.

 All of these 38 sites demonstrate the beauty of nature as well as the wisdom and resourcefulness of humankind. They provide a significant and special view through which the rest of the world can learn more and gain a much better understanding of China.

In this exhibition, which we are lucky to have the opportunity to view on our island, Chinese photographers express their appreciation and love of these World Heritage through their lenses works. The photographs are also brilliant combinations of photographic art and bring out well the idea of “harmony between human and nature”—an essential part of traditional Chinese culture. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a delegation from the China Photographers Association (CPA), who will be present for the inauguration.

Established in December 1956, China Photographers Association is the first national photographic organization in the history of People’s Republic of China, a professional association composed of photographers of various ethnic groups nationwide, a group member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), and a major force in promoting Chinese photography. 

China Photographers Association takes its task to unite photographers and people who work in the photographic field from various ethnic groups, providing training for photographers and promoting the development of Chinese photography. 

At present, China Photographers Association has 32 groups in different provinces, cities and autonomous regions, 11 professional photography group members and more than 12000 individual members. It is the most influential and authoritative photographic organization in China. 

This Malta exhibition has been possible with the collaboration of the China Culture Centre, Malta, the Valletta Waterfront and the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP), and through the good offices that current MIPP President, Kevin Casha, enjoys with the CPA.

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