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Air Malta refers to reports in local media whereby it was stated that an Air Malta aircraft landed safely after declaring an emergency. The airline would like to correct these reports and advise that at no point in time did the flight commander declare an emergency.

Furthermore, when asked by the Air Traffic Control whether he needed assistance on landing, the commander categorically stated that no assistance was required since the landing would have been a routine one. 

The aircraft was operating a multi-sector flight and was on its first leg en-route from Malta to Catania. On arrival in Catania the crew reported an undercarriage crew awareness alert, and as a precaution, the crew were instructed to return the aircraft to base in Malta for inspection. Air Malta sent a relief aircraft to Catania to operate the remaining flights and minimise disruptions. 

As a precautionary measure, the ferry flight back to Malta was operated with its undercarriage down. This ferry flight operated according to standard operating procedures for such circumstances.

Air Malta’s highest priority is the safety and the well-being of its customers and staff. As stated before, Air Malta was able to provide an alternative aircraft to operate the flights and minimise any inconvenience to its passengers.

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