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11 persons from Somalia and Eritrea, made up of 9 single adults and 1 couple, left on Thursday to start a new life in the United States, under the US Refugee Resettlement Program (USRRP). They departed on a flight to London from where they will transit to their flight to New York City. On arrival, they will then be assisted by NGOs in the U.S.A. to proceed to their final destinations in various states.
This latest departure brings the total of beneficiaries of international protection who were resettled to the United States from Malta since such resettlements started in 2007 to 847. This was the third such departure to the United States during the month of February. In all, 46 migrants have been resettled from Malta to the U.S.A. or European states during the same month.
In all 1,444 refugees and beneficiaries of international protection have been reallocated to various other developed countries since 2005.
The persons who departed this morning were selected following a process involving the UNHCR (Malta office) as well as the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at various stages. US Government officials also conduct interviews in Malta.
The migrants were seen off by the Hon. Dr. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, Minister for Home and Parliamentary Affairs accompanied by Mr. Elijah Waterman, Press and Cultural Attaché at the United States embassy and representatives of the IOM. The Minister thanked the U.S. Government, IOM, UNHCR and Ministry officials involved in this process.

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