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Relatives of persons registered as resident voters at St. Vincent de Paul in the October 2011 electoral register, and who have applied for a special permit so that on Saturday, 10 March 2012, they may be allowed to enter the Residence to accompany their relatives to the Polling Booth, may from Thursday call at the Electoral Office,  Evans Building,  St. Elmo Square,  il-Belt, Valletta,  to collect their identification tag. 

Office hours are from 1500 CEST to 1900 CEST.   The permit to relatives shall be restricted to the zone from the entrance hall to 50 metres away from the polling booth.
It is recommended that on Polling day, as far as it is possible, these persons should come to assist their relatives after 1100CEST. so that the smooth running of the poll would be ascertained.
ONLY authorised persons in whose name an identification tag has been issued by the Electoral Commission would be allowed to enter the Residence on 10th March, 2012.

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