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The producer price index for agricultural products increased by 2 per cent, from 118.52 points in the fourth quarter of 2010 to 120.87 points.

Underpinning this result was an increase in the price of fresh vegetables (+5.2 per cent), due to higher prices fetched for onions (+124.0 per cent), cauliflowers (+23.8 per cent) and vegetable marrows (+0.4 per cent). On the other hand, the price of potatoes dropped by 19.5 per cent over the comparative quarter as a result of an increase in supply.

During the same period , a decrease of 11.4 per cent was registered in the fruit price index resulting from a general increase in the supply of fruit.

The annual average producer price index for 2011 stood at 116.41 points, reflecting a growth of 2 per cent over 2010. This resulted from an increase in the producer price index of animal products (+12.8 per cent) and slaughtered animals (+2.4 per cent). On the other hand, drops of 4.7 and 12.5 per cent were recorded in the producer price indices of fresh vegetables and fruit.

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