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As from the 1st of March PBS has taken on board Education 22 channel.  The newly named station TVM 2 will be on test transmission as from the 8th of March.

The remit of the station will be that of delivering educational and cultural programmes together with current affairs and events.  The main focus of the station will be that to inform, entertain and facilitate development of human potential via education using the achievements of modern telecommunication and IT.

The aim of the station is to become the preferred comprehensive, clear and concise and reliable source of information on the island, focusing mainly on cultural events, education and sports.  The daily 8pm news will also be aired in the sign language for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

The new TV station will deliver local documentaries higlighting Maltese history, Maltese personalities, architecture and culture, together with Foreign Documentaries targeted at enriching the knowledge in a popular manner, arouse interest to creativity, experimenting and contemplating.  Programmes dedicated to animals and plants, their peculiarities and roles in the ecosystem and most of all to develop the sense of caring for a fragile surrounding environment will also be aired. The transmission will also include direct teaching programmes including Maltese Language and Literature and other direct learning courses in different languages mainly English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.  Sports programmes would not only focus on ‘popular’ sports but would also promote minor sports.  The aim of these programmes is to  promote sports at all levels as a means to contribute to the positive development of society and to raise awareness about specific services, assistance, training and support.  There will also be a range of Discussion Programmes hosting an expert panel,  discussions aimed at giving the best information, entertain, educate and, as well as to explore and promote our national identity, social values and culture.  All major Cultural Events and annual festivals such as Carnival, Għanafest, the Malta Jazz Festival, Notte Bianca and the Malta Arts Festival will be aired on this station.

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