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Air Malta has strongly and categorically denied a report published today on Maltastar which stated that during a meeting between the airline and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) there was, “shouting, insults, swearing, almost fisticuffs!” The airline has condemned this report saying that it is totally based on speculation and does not in any way, form or manner reflect the proceedings of this meeting.

The article borders on sensationalism at its worst and is only intended to tarnish the reputation of the airline, its Chairman and Chief Executive whilst trying to put spokes in the airline’s delicate restructuring processes. Furthermore the article attempts to fetter the relationship between the two organisations that are working closely together for the common good in the light of the European Commission’s response to the airline’s restructuring plan.

Air Malta explained that during this meeting the airline’s Chief Executive referred to a particular work process within the airline with an unfortunate use of words. Without being requested to do so, the CEO apologised for the use of language and the meeting continued cordially. Air Malta said that Peter Davies is passionate about the airline and that he and all the team at Air Malta are working hard to reach the targets and return the company to profitability as soon as possible.

Air Malta appeals that reports in the media about the airline should be factual, prudent and honest, especially during this particularly sensitive time for the company. The airline added that false and speculative information can only lead to wrong perceptions that can damage the airline and its delicate restructuring process and does not reflect the aspirations of its customers, employees and the whole local tourism industry.

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