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In 2011 Malta registered the largest proportion of asylum applications when compared to its size.  Asylum applicants in European Union Member States rose by 42,000 when compared to 2010, Eurostat confirmed.

Asylum applicants registered in the EU27 rose to 301 000 when compared to the 259 000 from 2010. Around 90% of these were new applicants whereas the remaining 10% were repeat applicants.

With 4 500 applicants per million inhabitants Malta recorded the highest rates of applicants when compared with the population. 24% of these were from Somalia, 17% were from Eritrea and 13% were Nigerian.

Overall the highest number of applicants was recorded in France, Germany and Italy.

Three quarters of first instance decisions made in 2011 were rejections. In Malta 55.2% of first instance decisions were positive with 885 accepted applications.  Of these 70 were granted refugee status, 690 subsidiary protection and 125 were accepted for humanitarian reasons.

21 400 (9%) were granted subsidiary protection and 9 100 (4%) were authorised to stay for humanitarian reasons.  The proportion of positive decisions varied considerably among different Member States.

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