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A 28-year-old Italian, Filippo Cilia, was remanded in custody after he pleaded not guilty to heroin trafficking on Saturday afternoon.

He was also charged with possession of the drug in amounts which denoted it was not for his exclusive use. Furthermore he also pleaded not guilty of trying to take prohibited items into prison.

In a separate hearing three men were granted bail after they pleaded not guilty to a series of charges relating to a theft from a restaurant in St George’s Street, St Julian’s last Monday.
42-year-old Joseph Anthony Cini of Valletta and 41-year-old Stephen Abdilla of Marsa were charged with stealing cash, a safe and a cash register and with causing up to €1,116 worth of damage. Alfred Mazzitelli, 50 of Pembroke was charged with aiding the two men in their crime and with committing a crime he was duty bound to prevent.

In another hearing 46-year-old Joseph Grima from Ghajnsielem, Gozo was fined €250 and placed under a €200 guarantee after he pleaded guilty to disobeying the orders of people in charge of poviding a public service. He also pleaded guilty to breaching the peace and using foul language.

Mr Grima blocked the Gozo Channel ferry after he was refused boarding by placing his truck, which was carrying two large stone slabs on the ramp on Saturday Morning.

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