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MaltaWeather.com has reported that unlike the previous two months, April 2012 was drier than average with a total of only 18.7 mm – this is 7.1 mm less than the average for this month. The highest 24-hour total was 4.5mm on the 13th during a steady light rain in the morning. There was 1 day of hail (on the 17th) and 2 days on which thunder was heard (on the 4th and 17th). Fog/mist was observed on numerous days and was dense on around 2 days. These were the 4th when it reduced visibility to less than 50 metres and the 23rd when visibility was reduced to less than 500 metres.

April 2012 was quite warm, particularly at night, with the mean monthly temperature of 17.2°C being above average by 0.5°C. The mean monthly minimum temperature of 14.1°C was 0.7°C above average while the mean monthly maximum temperature of 20.2 was only marginally above average by 0.2°C.

The warmest day in April 2012 was the 28th with a high of 26.0°C and the coolest night was that between the 9th and the 10th when the thermometer dipped to 11.6°C. The hottest ever April day was on 11th April 2008 when the maximum temperature had soared to 31.7°C. The lowest ever minimum temperature in April was of 6.5°C on 2nd April 1997.

The average wind speed in April 2012 at Zebbug Malta was 12.4 km/h and the most frequent direction was westerly. The highest wind gust at Zebbug (Malta) was of 74.0km/h from the WNW on the 9th, with a much stronger gust of 98.1km/h on that same day at Mellieha.

The mean monthly sea-level pressure was 1010.4hPa, with the highest of 1020.6hPa occurring on the 26th and the lowest of 995.7hPa occurring on the 13th during a Mediterranean Cyclone which mainly affected Central Italy.

Updated weather forecasts can be accessed at www.maltaweather.com.

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