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The 11th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival (MIFF), came to a spectacular close on Tuesday with two pyro-musical displays by Italian company Parente Fireworks company and the awarding ceremony. The following trophies were awarded, Public Opinion St Michael’s Fireworks Factory of Lija, 1st place St Michael’s Fireworks Factory of Lija Malta with an overriding 435 points out of a total of 500, 2nd place Mirnovez of Croatia on 391 points and 3rd place Jost Fireworks of Austria on 377 points.

In a brief ceremony where Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) CEO, Mr Josef Formosa Gauci, thanked all those who made the International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF) and the MIFF firework events not only possible but a great success.  The awards were based on the decision of a panel of five adjudicators hailing from  Japan, Portugal, Italy, Canada and Malta, chaired by Mr. Michael Brockdorff.

Furthermore trophies for participation were also presented to Apogée of Canada, Phoenix of the UK and Surex from Poland. The MTA thanked all those involved in the organisation of the ISF and MIFF events and the general public for their support, cooperation and participation.

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