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Air Malta has announced that it will be moving its Head Office to SkyParks Business Centre at Malta International Airport by the end of summer. The move forms part of the much wider Cultural Revolution process aimed at creating a new environment and company culture in which employees can work collaboratively and more efficiently to the best of their abilities.

“Air Malta’s restructuring is not only being tackled in terms of returning the airline back to profitability but, equally important, is to change its organisational culture. Cultural transformation is a vital part in an organisational restructuring process and the move to SkyParks will facilitate this change and assist the airline in its rebranding and re-positioning process”, said Peter Davies, Chief Executive of Air Malta.

The current Air Malta Head office was built by the Royal Air Force as sleeping quarters and has been used as offices by the airline for over 33 years. These old buildings are no longer adequate for the airline’s office needs and requirements. The SkyParks Business Centre will offer Air Malta employees an open plan environment where they can work in a brand new corporate setting that enhances productivity, teamwork and improve organisational communication.

Air Malta will be occupying one and a half floors of the building for the next five years. The airline has already identified a site where to build its head office in the next years that will house all its employees under one roof.

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