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Prof Marius Zerafa will be inaugurating an exhibition of ceramics by Paul Haber, which coincidentally falls on the 40th anniversary of Haber’s first exhibition at the National Museum in Republic Street at the National Museum of Fine Arts at 19:30hrs CET on Friday.
The national collection of fine arts, includes a ceramic mural from Haber’s first exhibition back in 1972, which had been acquired by the museum at the time when Prof Zerafa was in charge of the arts section of the museum. In those days artists took their time to exhibit at the museum – they sort of graduated to it through their studies and only did so when they were asked or advised that the time has come, and they are good enough to show their works.

Paul Haber, a Gozitan artist has gone a long way since the beginning of his interesting career in ceramics, he has
studied, researched, taught, lectured and worked in the ceramic industry, while his unique artistic works have been exhibited in Malta and abroad in renowned galleries in the USA, France, Denmark, Strasbourg and Italy amongst others.

Paul’s influence on the ceramics local scene is very strong, resulting in a distinct style with a multitude of variations from different ceramic artists, most of  whom have managed to attain a high standard when compared to ceramics in the international scene. Being both a lover of the great outdoors and a deep sea diver, Paul’s works are inspired by nature and the beauty hidden away underwater.

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