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Enemalta has reported that following the successful completion of the performance tests, which were carried out under the supervision of both Enemalta and the external consultants DNV KEMA, the Corporation has now took over the Delimara Power Station extension.  The plant is covered by a 12 month “defect liability period” (guarantee).

During the performance tests it was noted that the plant is more efficient than originally specified and is producing an extra 1MW of electricity from the exhaust heat recovery and steam turbine, giving a total of 150MW of electricity, 4MW of which are used within the plant itself. The tests also confirmed that the abatement system has been producing results which go further than the ones guaranteed in the contract.

Enemalta’s consultants, DNV KEMA in their role as an independent 3rd party, have confirmed that the performance test methodology and procedure were in accordance with the contractual requirements and were moreover suitable for the purpose of measuring and calculating the plants performance in terms of the contractual guarantees. Furthermore, the consultants have declared that the tests were satisfactorily carried out and have also confirmed that Enemalta may proceed with the taking over of the plant.

Enemalta will be starting some of the engines to meet this evening’s peak demand. As of tomorrow, the Corporation will also be able to shut down the oldest, least efficient and most polluting boilers at Marsa Power Station.

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