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An exhibition of photographic works by Ruben Buhagiar and Gilbert Calleja was recently opened at Dar Malta in Brussels.  AXIS MUNDI is a photographic exploration of domestic, commercial and communal kitchens and the stories that bring them to life.

The exhibition is being organised and hosted by the Embassy of Malta in Belgium and supported by the Cultural Diplomacy Fund. H.E.  Mrs Vanessa Frazer, Maltese Ambassador, said that this exhibition is a unique opportunity to showcase Maltese artistic talent as well as the uniqueness of the kitchen space as it is lived in the Maltese islands.

The photographic panels were shot in a range of kitchens ranging from the most contemporary to more rustic domestic ones, from those of commercial outlets to the institutional kitchens. The panels therefore create a colourful tableau which mixes the intimate and personal with the more functional and impersonal.

AXIS MUNDI is the continuation of the international interdisciplinary project  TKEĊNIR project which started in 2010 in Malta. The title, Axis Mundi, refers to the point where all directions meet, a hub of thresholds, of beginnings and ends, a neutral ground between the particular and the universal.

The project is coordinated by Glen Calleja (Fondazzjoni AWL). More information on the project can be found on tkecnir.blogspot.com

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