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Reported arrivals in collective accommodation establishments totalled 129,913 in October, up by 3.4 per cent over last year, the National Statistics Office has revealed. Total nights increased by 4.7 per cent to 766,130.

In October, 4-star hotels accounted for 43.0 per cent of arrivals in total collective accommodation establishments. The highest increase was registered in the 3-star hotel category, which advanced by 12.3 per cent, reaching 25,063.

Guest nights also increased in almost all hotel categories, with the exception of 2-star hotels, which registered a drop in guest nights of 10.0 per cent. At 5.9 nights, the overall average
length of stay remained almost unchanged when compared to last year.

The net use of bed-places stood at 63.1 per cent, at par with last year’s levels. The highest increase in occupancy rate (3.7 percentage points) was registered in the 5-star hotel category
and stood at 76.0 per cent. An increase of 2 percentage points was noted in the 3-star hotel category, while the remaining categories registered declines.

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