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Over the past months, the Ministry for Tourism Culture and the Environment and the Malta Tourism Authority have been laying the groundwork for the coordination of the next edition of the Malta International Choir Festival, which is expected to be held later on this year between 31 October and 3 November.

The programme of the festival will be structured in such a way as to provide a competitive, as well as a non-competitive aspect.  During the four days of the festival there will be some 20 choirs participating, two of which will be from Malta.  These choirs will be participating in various categories, e.g male, female, children’s and mixed choirs.

One of the highlights of the festival will be the Grand Concert which will take place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on the final night, Saturday, 3 November.  The theme of the said concert will revolve around the music of Giovanni Verdi.
The Grand Concert is being organised under the Distinguished Patronage of H.E. Dr George Abela, President of Malta.  This was confirmed during a cordial meeting between The President George Abela and the Malta International Choir Festival Organising Committee, which was held Wednesday, 16 January at San Anton Palace. While graciously accepting the Committee’s invitation to attend this concert, President Abela also offered the resources at his disposal towards ensuring the success of the Festival. This will be the first time that a President of Malta has been invited to patronise the festival.

The Malta International Choir Festival is being coordinated by a festival committee led by the Chairman, Mr Anthony Cardona, Rev. John Galea and Mro. Chris Muscat, Artistic Directors.  The other committee members are: Dr James Worley, chairperson of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr Noel Damato from the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, Ms Alexia Maggi, who is responsible for the hosting arrangements of the choirs while in Malta, and Mr Martin Morana who is the general coordinator of the festival programme. This committee will be working in tandem with the German choral events specialist, Interkultur. in securing the participation of international choirs.

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