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The National Statistics Office confirmed that at the end of 2012, the stock of licensed motor vehicles stood at 314,510, down by 0.1 per cent over the previous quarter.

At the end of last year, the stock of licensed motor vehicles stood at 314,510.  Of these, 79.4 per cent were passenger cars, 14.5 per cent were commercial vehicles, five per cent were motorcycles, while buses and minibuses accounted for less than one per cent.

New licences issued during the quarter under review amounted to 3,791. The majority of new licences (3,080 or 81.2 per cent of the total) were issued to passenger cars, followed by goods-carrying vehicles with 394.  Newly-licensed ‘new’ motor vehicles amounted to 1,819, or 48.0 per cent of the total, and newly licensed ‘used’ motor vehicles totalled 1,972.

In the fourth quarter last year, 41 vehicles were exported. Garaged vehicles amounted to 2,571, while scrapped vehicles totalled 2,691.

As at the end of 2012, 192,522 vehicles, or 61.2 per cent of the total, had petrol engines. Vehicles with diesel engines totalled 121,507, or 38.6 per cent of the total.

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