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Malta has re-asserted its place as one of the European Union’s best performers in the 26th edition of the Internal Market Scoreboard issued by the European Commission on 19 February 2013. This is the first time that Malta recorded just one outstanding transposition down from two in October 2012, meaning that this is its best recorded performance in real terms.

The Scoreboard benchmarks Member States’ efforts in the implementation of Internal Market Law by recording the transposition deficit, which is the gap between the number of Internal Market laws adopted at EU level and those in force in the Member States. It takes into account all notifications of Directives relating to the Internal Market with a transposition deadline of 31 October 2012. Scoreboards are issued twice a year.

In its Staff Working Document on the Scoreboard, the Commission states that “Malta has achieved a 0.1% transposition deficit for the fifth consecutive time, consolidating its position as one of the best performers.” This is just one Directive short of a 0% deficit which is considered a perfect score. Malta’s 0.1% deficit is also well below the 1% target and makes Malta one of 13 Member States which are under the 0.5% transposition deficit target which was proposed by the Commission in the Single Market Act (2011). Malta’s one outstanding transposition puts it in second place amongst Member States, just behind Ireland which had no outstanding transpositions of Internal Market directives. Estonia and Sweden follow Malta with two outstanding transpositions each.

While Malta’s one outstanding transposition is its best performance in real terms, it is worth noting that the report also states that, in terms of the corresponding 0.1% defici,  Malta is one of 12 Member States who, in November 2012 “achieved or equaled their best result since 1997.”

The report is further confirmation of Malta’s deep commitment to the Single Market in view of the beneficial effect this has in terms of enabling Maltese individuals, consumers and businesses to make the most of the opportunities offered to them by having direct access to 27 countries and 495 million people.

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