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During February, registered unemployed persons stood at 7,279, up by 358 over the corresponding month last year, the National Statistics Office (NSO) confirmed.

Administrative records held at the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) indicated an increase of 555 persons (9.0 per cent) registering for work under Part 1 of the unemployment register, when compared to the corresponding month last year, reaching 6,732. On the other hand, the number of persons registering under Part 2 dropped by 26.5 per cent to 547.

Overall, the number of persons on the register went up by 358, or 5.2 per cent. Part 1 registrants increased in Malta and Gozo by 509 and 46 persons respectively.

Males increased by 343, or 7.1 per cent, while female registrants went up by 212, or 16.0 per cent. Registrants aged under 20 decreased by 33, or 7.7 per cent, in the twelve months to February.

Conversely, registrants aged 45 and over went up by 285, or 11.1 per cent, when compared to

2012. The number of persons out of work for more than one year went up by 434, or 19.1 per cent, while persons who were registering for work for less than 21 weeks remained constant.

In the twelve months to February, persons with a disability registering as unemployed under Part 1 rose by 89, or 19.6 per cent, to 542.

In the twelve months to February, registrants under Part 2 dropped both in Malta and Gozo. In fact registrants in Malta decreased by 146, while their counterparts in Gozo declined by 51. In comparison to last year, Part 2 registrants that were out of work for less than 21 weeks decreased by 207, or 29.4 per cent.

In October 2012, the registered unemployment rate stood at 4.4 per cent of the labour supply (excluding part-timers): 5.1 per cent for men and 3.0 per cent for women. The unemployment rate for persons registering under Part 1 stood at 4.8 per cent among persons aged 45 and over, and 5.4 per cent for persons under 25.

The unemployment rate of persons who had been registering for work for at least one year under Part 1 of the unemployment register stood at 1.6 per cent: 2.0 per cent for men and 0.8 per cent for women.

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