The Police have arraigned under arrest 40-year-old Stefan Lufze of German nationality who resides in Xlendi l/o Munxar, Gozo.  He was accused of having on the 27th January 2014 at around 10:45hrs, with the intent to commit a crime, that of a theft of cash from a donation box which value does not exceed €232.94 from St. George’s Parish Church, Victoria Gozo.

He was also charged of having on the 19th January 2014, committed theft of €20 cash to the detriment of the same Parish Church, and finally for having in these islands committed a crime during a period of conditional discharge that was issued in his favour by the Gozo Law Courts, on the 13th November 2013 for a period of 3 years, amongst other charges.Stefan Lufze pleaded guilty as charged.  He was denied bail and was sent to CCF, until a pre sentencing report is prepared.

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