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Five migrants, a child, a woman and three men, needing urgent medical assistance were airlifted to Mater Dei after a night during which AFM was involved in a large scale operation involving simultaneously 25 migrant boats at sea.

The AFM said it has been actively contributing to one of the largest aero-naval search and rescue operation that unfolded in the Mediterranean over the past years. The search and rescue operation saw the involvement of a number of Italian Navy/ Coast Guard vessels ,US Navy warships, all the merchant vessels in the area as well as three AFM patrol vessels and an AFM Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

The migrants were transferred onto the US Warship and it was decided that a total of five migrants were to be transferred to Mater Dei Hospital in Malta from the US warship, using its onboard V22 Osprey Aircraft .

All the operations throughout the night were coordinated by the Maltese and Italian Rescue and Coordination Centres.

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