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The 12th edition of the Ohloq Tbissima marathon will carry on uninterrupted until Sunday 20th July at midnight. Fr. Karm Debattista sang the Oħloq Tbissima song, this year accompanied by the Big Band Brothers.  
Marthese Brincat welcomed Fr. Louis Mallia mssp, Director of Centru Animazzjoni Missjunarja (CAM) and CAM Productions international (CPi), Fr. Frankie Cini mssp, Regional Superior and Director of St. Joseph Home in St. Venera, Her Excellence the President of Malta Mrs Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, His Excellence Mons Archbishop Paul Cremona and Superior General Fr. Mark Grima mssp.  She invited them to address those present and televiewers, whilst refering to the marathon as a Family Feast.
Fr. Louis Mallia welcomed those present and said that each year Ohloq Tbissima offers sweet challenges and a beautiful presence.  This marathon serves as a witness that each person deserves to live with dignity across the globe.  He invited all to participate in this experience of self-giving.  He went on to say that in a month’s time 27 volunteers will be travelling to Peru to do voluntary work.
Fr. Frankie Cini then continued by saying that St. Joseph Home may be referred to as the local face of the marathon.  This home has been serving its mission for the past 126 years.  He encouraged those following Ohloq Tbissima to support MSSP missions.
Fr. Mark Grima explained that Oħloq Tbissima shows 12 years of fidelity towards the poor.  It is a reality that each year as a Society, MSSP share their missionary charisma in favour of the poor in a world where we daily experience hatred, fights and wars.
His Excellence Archbishop Paul Cremona refered to the Holy Scripture and invited those following Ohloq Tbissima to be part of the seed which gives fruit even by being generous and supporting this good cause.
Her Excellence President Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca said that though this is her first time at Ohloq Tbissima as Head of State, she has visited most of the previous Ohloq Tbissima marathons.  She said that earlier on Marthese Brincat referred to this marathon as a big Family Feast, this is rightly so as it gathers in it MSSP Priests, lay volunteers, children residing at the home, as well as those in the missions of Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines.  As a society, even though we are a small nation we cherish one great value, that of generosity.
President Marie-Louise Coleiro-Preca and Archbishop Paul Cremona were then presented with frame from the Philippines as a momento.
Various features outlining the invaluable work being carried out in these missions are being shown from time to time.  Oħloq Tbissima consists of a very varied programme, sure to appeal to young and old alike.
Oħloq Tbissima is being broadcast in its entirety on F. Living, with various links to TVM2, ONE TV, NET TV and SMASH TV.
Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so by phoning on:
€10        51602004
€15        51702007
€25        51802009
SMS €4.66    50618099
Donations may also be made online by visiting www.ohloqtbissima.com.  Ohloq Tbissima is being streamed live on this website.

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